Bill Gates, Microsoft founder and philanthropist, will give $100,000 worth of start-up funds for the person who develops the “next-generation condom,” according to Grand Challenges in Global Health. Gates is willing to give the inventive sexual health entrepreneur up to $1 million to continue their research.

How does this effort tie into Gates’ philanthropy? The software creator and his wife, Melissa Gates,’ Grand Challenges Explorations Round 11 is focused on improving the world’s poorest peoples’ lives. A more effective condom would lower the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, and could be designed in such a way to encourage its usage for both men and women.

“To overcome persistent health and development problems, we need new, game-changing ideas,” Chris Wilson, director of Global Health Discovery & Translational Science at the Foundation, said in a press release. “Inspiration can come from anywhere, and we are hopeful that this new round of Grand Challenges Explorations will uncover innovative approaches to improve lives around the world.”

In the challenge invitation, it is suggested that those looking to participate find meaningful ways to encourage more people to buy condoms, including increasing the perceived ease of use. They also suggest that the product “overcome cultural barriers. “

For more information on Grand Challenges Explorations Round 11, “Develop the Next Generation of Condom,” click HERE.

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