Bill Cosby accusers continue to come forward: Judy Huth filed a lawsuit on Tuesday claiming Cosby sexually assaulted her when she was 15, and Gloria Allred held a press conference with three other Cosby accusers on Wednesday.

Bill Cosby Sued For Childhood Sexual Assault By Judy Huth

Huth, now 55, claimed that she met Cosby in LA in 1974 and that the comedian knew she was 15-years-old when he asked her and her 16-year-old friend to meet him at a tennis club. Once there, they played pool, and Cosby allegedly had Huth drink a beer for every time she lost a game. According to the lawsuit, Cosby then took them to the Playboy Mansion, where the sexually assault is said to have taken place.

“He then proceeded to sexually molest her by attempting to put his hand down her pants, and then taking her hand in his hand and performing a sex act on himself without her consent,” reads the lawsuit.

The statute of limitations for Huth’s case has run out, but the suit claims that Huth has suffered “psychological damage and mental anguish” due to the interaction.

Cosby has remained silent with regards to the lawsuit. He did, however, break his silence on Twitter to thank two of his public supporters, Whoopi Goldberg, who defended him on The View and Jill Scott.

Gloria Allred Press Conference On Bill Cosby

On the heels of Huth’s lawsuit, famous lawyer Gloria Allred held a press conference Wednesday afternoon, where she outlined two options she would like Cosby to consider. The first would be to wave his statute of limitations defense, meaning that any accuser, no matter when the incident occurred, could bring forward criminal charges. The second solution proposed by Allred was for Cosby to set up a $100 million fund from which accusers could be rewarded damages by a retired judge – a form of arbitration.

Beth Ferrier

Three women also spoke at the press conference, each alleging Cosby had sexually assaulted them in the past. The first to speak was Beth Ferrier. Ferrier was one of the Jane Does set to testify in the 2005 suit filed against Cosby by Andrea Constand. Recently, Ferrier has been in the news after court documents revealed that Ferrier had approached the National Enquirer to take her story public, but the newspaper promised Cosby not to run the story in exchange for an exclusive interview with Cosby. At the press conference, Ferrier recounted her allegations against Cosby and expressed her frustration at the National Enquirer deal.

Ferrier stated that she met Cosby in the mid 80s and they began an extra marital affair. After she had broken it off, Cosby invited her to one of his shows near her home in Colorado, and she attended. Ferrier claims Cosby offered her a cappuccino, her favorite beverage. “After I drank it, I felt dizzy and lost consciousness. The next thing I knew, hours had passed. I woke up in the backseat of my car, alone,” Ferrier recalled, adding, “I believe that Mr. Cosby drugged me and sexually assaulted me that night.”

Ferrier went on to state that she didn’t come forward until the 2005 lawsuit because she “felt threatened by him.” Speaking about the National Enquirer story, Ferrier claimed that she passed a lie detector test required by the news outlet before they would run the story.

“If Mr. Cosby would accept Gloria Allred’s proposal, I would be able to have my day in court. I want Mr. Cosby to face justice for what he has done to me and to so many other women. I hope my coming forward inspires any other person harmed by Mr. Cosby to have courage to come forward and to tell the truth about what happened,” Ferrier concluded.

Ferrier and Allred later clarified that Ferrier had not been involved, as a beneficiary or otherwise, in the settlement between Constand and Cosby.

Helen Hayes

Helen Hayes spoke next, alleging that Cosby had followed her and her friends around in the summer of 1973 after spotting them at a celebrity charity event. “At first, we thought it was alright because it was daytime and it was Bill Cosby. We thought we were safe,” Hayes said.

Hayes claimed that Cosby continued to follow her throughout the weekend, even though they switched restaurants in an effort to avoid him. She alleged that Cosby eventually came up behind her and grabbed her breast. “His behavior was like that of a predator,” Hayes said.


The third woman to come forward in the press conference was identified as Chelan. Chelan claimed that she met Cosby when she was 17-years-old in 1986 after her family had sent photos of her to Cosby in the hopes that he could help her get a modeling contract. According to Chelan’s statement, she was invited to meet Cosby at his Las Vegas hotel to meet with a representative from Ford models. Once there, Cosby allegedly gave her a blue pill he said was an anti-histamine, instructed her to change into a hotel robe and wet her hair.

“I laid down, he laid down next to be on the bed…I couldn’t open my eyes. I couldn’t move or anything. I felt something war on my legs and I blacked out. Thirteen to sixteen hours later, I woke up to him clapping his hands saying, ‘Daddy says wake up,’” Chelan said.

Chelan said that Cosby then gave her $1,500 and invited her and her grandmother to attend his show the next night. “My grandmother really wanted to go, but I didn’t. But I went, and I hugged him. AS a result, I was fired, my life destroyed,” Chelan said sobbing.

Following the women’s statements, Allred answered questions from the press and revealed that she has not had any contact with Cosby’s lawyers regarding these women. Allred refused to comment when asked whether Chelan had taken her case to the police or whether she planned on filing charges, as she was a minor at the time of the alleged assault.

Allred also said that she has lost count of the number of women who have contacted her with similar complaints against Bill Cosby: “I literally have lost count. There has been no day since this has started…where I have not been contacted from women all over the country. And there are many more who have not come forward for a variety of reasons…but they wanted me to know what they suffered.”

More than twenty women have come forward with allegations of sexual assault against Cosby, causing NBC to ditch plans for a Cosby sitcom pilot and leading to Cosby’s recent resignation from the Temple University board.

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