On Thursday night's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, 49, guest Bill Clinton, 66, used his trademark charm to explain why he was so charming at the Democratic National Convention when his 49-minute speech upstaged everyone — even President Barack Obama, 51, who himself was so taken by the former President's address that he relayed a tweet from a follower who wrote, "you should appoint him 'secretary of explaining stuff.'"

Stewart appropriately fawned all over Clinton during the interview. "So, let me ask you, give any good speeches lately?" he asked at the beginning of the interview, casually shuffling his cards. "Could you tell that you were crushin' it while you were doing it?" he continued.

"I was just determined to get the facts right and to simplify the argument without being simplistic," Clinton told Stewart. "I didn't want to talk down to people. I wanted to explain what I thought was going on."

In the interest of explaining rather than embellishing, Clinton went on to describe how he thought Mitt Romney, 65, was looking at things. "If I come to you and I say, we have this terrible national debt," Clinton began, "and here’s my opening gambit — the first thing I’m going to do is raise it by another $5 trillion over a decade by doing another round of tax cuts that mostly benefit the people who benefitted over the past decade even though it didn’t produce jobs. Now we’re in a really deep hole, now let me tell you how I’m gonna get out of it. Well what about the details? See me after the election."

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