James Patterson is a prolific author with over 60 books written under his name but his co-author on his upcoming book may upscale him. It has been announced that Patterson and former President Bill Clinton will be writing a fiction thriller together titled, The President Goes Missing.

While little is known about the plot of the book, Clinton said in a statement that he will be providing Patterson with real experience.

“Working on a book about a sitting President — drawing on what I know about the job, life in the White House, and the way Washington works — it has been a lot of fun,” Clinton said.

The book will be published by Alfred A. Knopf and Little, Brown and Company in June of 2018. Alfred A. Knopf tweeted about the announcement.

“I’m a story-teller, and President Clinton’s insight has allowed us to tell a really interesting one. It’s a rare combination,” Patterson said in the statement.

President Clinton’s wife, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also will have a fictitious book written about her. Although she will not be writing it herself, Curtis Sittenfeld will write a book about Clinton if she had not married Bill Clinton. That book will be published by Random House.

Patterson and Clinton first met while playing golf over ten years ago. Lawyer Robert Barnett, who is employed by both Patterson and Clinton and originally suggested the two pair up. Clinton, who has always enjoyed reading Patterson’s thrillers, said that he would be up for it and so Barnett reached out to Patterson, who also accepted.

The unlikely pair has already written several chapters of the novel.

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