Sam Poueu, a contestant on season nine of NBC's The Biggest Loser, is still recovering in a San Francisco hospital after falling several stories off a building last Saturday. The reason for the fall is still unknown, but Poueu, 25, is reportedly suffering from a punctured lung and a broken leg, among other injuries, while being treated in an intensive care unit.

Poueu and his cousin, Koli Palu, appeared together on the third installment of The Biggest Loser: Couples, which was the show's ninth season overall. During the season, which aired from January to May of 2010, Poueu lost 142 pounds and survived through the 16th week of the competition, while Palu was eliminated in the finale. Also during the season, Poueu met castmate Stephanie Anderson. The two are currently engaged to be married, although there has been no public comment from Anderson regarding the accident.

Another season nine castmate, Ashley Johnston, took to Facebook earlier in the week to express her support for Poueu, writing, "Sam Poueu is making great improvements everyday. God is answering our prayers and Sam is fighting." Yesterday, Johnston posted a link to an article about Poueu's proposal to Anderson writing, "This is going to happen still!! I love these two with all my heart!" Meanwhile, a flood of well wishers left messages of encouragement on Poueu's Facebook page.

An NBC rep released a statement saying, "Sam Poueu is a beloved member of our Biggest Loser family and we are keeping him and his family in our thoughts and prayers."

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