Believers in the legend of Bigfoot think that the creature may have been spotted in video footage taken in Michigan.

Bigfoot Sighting

A camera affixed to a tree near a park outside of Traverse City, Michigan, was supposed to be providing a live feed of a bald eagle nest when it caught something else in the background. In addition to showing the baby eaglets in the nest, the footage shows a figure walking through the forest that some are claiming must be Bigfoot.

“Like most videos purported to be Bigfoot, it’s grainy and out of focus — of course, the camera wasn’t set up to be focused on the ground; it was focused on the nest,” said Ed Eisch, DNR Fish Production manager for the state and the Platte River hatchery.  “I have a nephew who does a really good Bigfoot gait impression. But I know it wasn’t him.”


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Daniel Seliger, the CarbonTV executive director of content and marketing

“From what we can see, what anybody can see with their plain eye, it’s up to interpretation. It’s definitely grounds for speculation as a legitimate sighting. But who knows?” said Seliger. “It’s the kind of thing the Internet really loves.”

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