Molten copper was poured over a McDonald’s Big Mac burger by a YouTuber to somewhat surprising results.

Molten Copper vs Big Mac

YouTube user Tito4re has an entire channel dedicated to experiments featuring him pouring molten copper over random things. For his first upload three months ago, he tested out the effects of molten copper on popcorn, and has gone on to experiment with salt, sneakers, pencils, steel wool, a tennis ball and more. However, it wasn’t until Tito4re decided to see what would happen when molten copper was poured onto a Big Mac that he really started to get people’s attention.

In the video, which now has nearly 5 million views, the Big Mac seems able to withstand large amounts of the molten copper, which was heated to around 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The burger patties, especially, appeared relatively impervious to the liquid metal – seeming to confirm people’s fears about the frighteningly poor quality of fast food.

While Big Macs might not be a nutritious meal option, science suggests that what happened to the burger in Tito4re’s experiment would happen to most meat products. In what’s called the Leidenfrost effect, an object with moisture will form an insulating layer of vapor that will prevent it from suffering damage by a substance hotter than the boiling point of the liquid. In this case, the copper is significantly hotter than the boiling point of the water in the burger patty.

“While the video footage is real, it doesn’t demonstrate any ‘indestructible’ aspects of a Big Mac. In fact, the results showcased in this video (just like experiments with seemingly non-rotting hamburgers) could likely be replicated with any burger (or similar food item), regardless of brand,” Dan Evon from Snopes wrote.

In fact, Tito4re has previously confirmed this by pouring molten copper over a T-bone steak.

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