CBS's season 14 of Big Brother, hosted by television personality Julie Chen (pictured), surprised fans on Thursday night's show when Chen revealed that the four Big Brother coaches, Britney, Janelle, Dan and Boogie would be joining the show as contestants.

There was an out for the judges, if they each, individually, just opted not to press the reset button when sequestered, one at a time, in the diary room. Everyone pushed the button except for Boogie, with Britney sealing the fates of everyone when she hit reset first.

Now the judges are in the house and have immunity from expulsion for a solid month. For those who deem the decision unfair to the other Big Brother contestants, Chen defends, "had Danielle gotten bounced last week it would have meant bye bye Dan and he would have been right there next to her on the bench talking to me on eviction night," she said, reports E! Online.

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