It was sweet revenge for the house guests of Big Brother‘s 19th season this week, when a “Candy Crush”-themed Head of Household competition ended Cody Nickson‘s reign.

Last night’s episode of CBS’s long-running surveillance competition show began with a HoH challenge centered around falling candy and silver tickets. House guests first had to find the silver tickets hiding in the candy – shaped like sweets from the game “Candy Crush.” Then, cashing in their tickets for balls, the guests had to roll the balls down a ramp into the target to claim victory.

With Cody on the sidelines, looking on angrily, the other house guests put their faith in Paul Abrahamian, the fierce competitor from last season, by handing him their tickets in the hopes that he would win and become a more friendly Head of Household than Cody ever was.

Cody’s only hope was that his ally and “show-mance” partner, Jessica Graf sinks a shot. Unfortunately for Cody, she never got close.

Paul, feeling as though he has let everyone down, eventually made a shot, making him the Head of Household effective immediately.

Later in the episode, the house guests are all invited one-by-one into the Den of Temptation. This week, America has chosen to offer Christmas Abbott, who is walking around on crutches with a leg injury, the temptation, which she happily accepts.

The temptation allows Christmas to swap herself into a POV competition in place of someone else. After using it, the power is gone for the rest of the summer. In addition, the only way to activate the power is to curse three of her fellow house guests. Christmas hesitates very little and chooses to curse Jason Dent, Cody, and Jessica.

The consequences of using the temptation are unknown at the moment but Christmas doesn’t seem to mind at all.

After the eviction vote, tempers in the house begin to flare. Now without the glow of power surrounding him, Cody is a lot more vulnerable and everyone seems to be taking advantage of that fact, with on house guest in particular: Josh Martinez.

The two get into a heated confrontation that truly leads no where. Afterwards, Josh comes to grab his stuff out of the room and tell Cody that he hopes the two can live in the house cordially from now on.

Cody won’t listen to Josh’s proposal and tells him to “shut the f***” up before Josh can even get a word in. Jessica again turns into Cody’s parrot and the couple continuously calls Josh a “victim” who makes “victim noises.”

Josh wishes them best and retreats to another part of the house to cry. He is comforted by the less ruthless members of the house, all of whom point out that both Jessica’s and Cody’s days in the house are numbered now that they are without any power.

Big Brother‘s summer of temptation continues on Wednesdays and Sundays at 8 p.m. EST and Thursdays at 9 p.m. EST on CBS.