Episode 34 of Big Brother picks up right where episode 33 left off – with Paul using his veto to save Alex, leaving Kevin and Jason on the chopping block.


We are now in the final two weeks of the show, and Paul seems to have played everyone, having never himself been up for elimination. For some reason, everyone trusts him, though viewers know the truth from his diary room talks. “It doesn’t get much better than to have a team like Paul or Alex,” Jason says on the chopping block. “I don’t feel like it could be a better scenario for myself.”

And lucky for Jason, Paul wants to keep Jason around just a bit longer. Christmas, on the other hand, wants to oust Jason. But what she may not realize is, by doing so with a tiebreaker vote, she effectively protects Paul. Josh is the only one who seems onto Paul’s antics. “I have my doubts about this plan,” he tells only the camera – it didn’t go too well when he tried to confide his secret doubt in Raven.

Josh feel guilty about blindsiding Jason, and even breaks down crying in the hot tub with him. But not bad enough apparently, as he and Raven cast votes against Jason, which leads Head of Household Christmas to send him home. Jason storms off, and for a brief moment, gets an inkling that perhaps it was Paul who betrayed him, but too late for that. Inside the house, Paul freaks out at Josh: “You would’ve done the same to me? If I was on the block, I was getting evicted?” Josh cries again, and Paul’s manipulation is somehow still not apparent to the rest.

Next up is the new Head of Household competition, which Alex dominates. She puts up Kevin and Raven for elimination at the nomination ceremony, and more tears start to flow. Then the Veto competition starts up and Josh takes first place. Paul, on the other hand, clearly threw the match to let someone else win.

“This whole season, I’ve been a misfit, looking for my group,” Josh bemoans, earning the sympathy of exactly no one. After his speech, he chooses not to use his veto power. Paul and Christmas then vote out Raven, while Josh chooses Kevin. Josh apologizes to Raven, but she is angry with her alliance member and does cartwheels as she leaves.

So we’re down to five – Paul, Josh, Alex, Kevin, and Christmas.