This week on Big Brother, Paul is at his usual antics again, turning everyone against each other with the intention of throwing the competition to Christmas.


He manipulates everyone into believing they are safe, when really he and Christmas are about to strike. The goal of the plan is to eliminate either Jason or Alex, and what does Paul do but make them both feel safe and at home. First, Paul takes on Jason, but, however surprisingly, Jason doesn’t quite believe him. Later Kevin steps in and lets Jason in on the plan – that it will either be him or Alex going home.

Jason goes after Josh after finding this out, and Josh starts pointing fingers. Paul, however, pretends that he’s nervous that he’s the one to be ousted next. Jason calms down and tells Christmas he trusts her, despite her literally telling him that he was her target. But if Christmas and Paul can win veto, then they will stay in charge, so she is down for whatever. Paul, meanwhile, convinces the nominees to throw the veto competition to him.

There’s one brief moment when Jason confronts Josh and says, “I know you have an alliance with Christmas,” which he follows up with “just kidding” after an awkward silence.

When the team plays the veto competition, Kevin is the first person chosen, followed by Raven, while Jason gets houseguest choice. He foolishly chooses Paul to save, not knowing that this would seal his fate.

And here we get a special preview of Bobby Moynihan‘s new series Me, Myself & I, and the comic enters the house and interacts with the houseguests. In a hilarious moment, Moynihan gets to enter the diary room by himself, and even he admits that he thinks the contestants are being stupid by keeping Paul around.

But back to the veto – the competition comes down to a tie between Paul and Alex. After a few tiebreaker rounds, the win goes to Paul. Josh then pulls Paul aside to convince him not to use the veto just yet because “it’s not the best for the three of us,” meaning himself, Paul, and Christmas. But Paul only cares about Paul.

Josh goes to Christmas next to discuss the situation, but she seems unconcerned. Josh, getting frustrated, walks away, and Christmas is not having it. “Don’t do it again,” she says, meaning to never walk away from her, which Raven overhears and asks what Josh did. “He knows. You don’t need to,” replies Christmas. Still, Josh tries to convince Christmas to listen to him, and that Paul isn’t taking what’s best for the house into consideration – namely, the three of them.

In the end, Paul uses his veto and pulls off Alex, keeping her safe, and leaving Kevin on the chopping block. So tomorrow it will be either Jason or Kevin who will be eliminated. Josh is still pretty angry about the whole thing, which might convince him to start playing the game the way he wants, not the way Paul wants. Stay tuned for tomorrow night’s double eviction edition of Big Brother.