Episode 31 of this season of Big Brother showed real upheaval in the house, with the alliances breaking down and Jason making moves.


The entire house in on edge after Head of Household Jason decided against using his veto power, and ended up putting Matt and Raven on the block. This sent shockwaves through the house, because now someone from the house majority, rather than a fringe player, is up for elimination, meaning the rest of the house will have to start really playing the game.

Raven is furious, as is Matt, so the pair go to chew out Jason for his actions. “I never expected a cowboy like you to be a p—y like that,” Matt says. When Jason tries to defend himself, Matt keeps yelling, only louder and with more vulgarity. The funny thing is, that Matt seems to have been trying to not win this entire season. He broke so many rules this past week that he got himself a penalty vote. What’s happening now, it appears, is that Matt is simply trying to get someone other than Raven on the chopping block.


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Kevin, meanwhile, wants to save his own skin, so he finds Matt cooling off and tells him that he didn’t vote for him the week before. Paul follows suit, but that starts a whole new messy business, because Paul has been the one pulling strings and manipulating people for weeks. Kevin decides to call him out for it, which is a noble but also stupid move. Christmas enters the conversation and asks Kevin if he’s going to the pool. All is good until Kevin asks Christmas if she’s going also, which wouldn’t be a big deal if her foot wasn’t broken.

Josh calls out Kevin for being insensitive, and then the fight really revs up. Josh starts yelling at Kevin and finally accuses him of taking that $25,000 on night one. Kevin tries to deny it, but Josh seems to know for a fact, and he asks him to swear on his kids that he didn’t take the money. I guess his kids are the last straw, and Kevin loses it. The fighting gets intense, and ends up with everyone going to check on Kevin, while Josh cries by himself. Christmas checks up on him and tries to console him and reassure him that this information will help their game.

Next up, we head to the vote. The votes are unanimous, and Matt leaves the house with five houseguest votes and one penalty vote. As he’s leaving, Julie asks him why he’d throw away his chance at $1 million for a woman he met just at the beginning of the season. Matt responds, “Anyone who’s watched can see she’s an amazing person,” but then cut-throat Julie leans in and reminds him that she hasn’t actually won anything yet.

Next week, Christmas will be the Head of Household, which will work out nicely for Paul. The plan is for her to nominate Alex and Jason, while promising to backdoor Kevin, but then not really doing so. Jason will be her main target with Alex as the back up. At another time, though, Alex told Christmas to put her on the block with Kevin, so who knows what manipulations and lies will come out next week. Stay tuned.

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