As has become tradition on CBS’s reality competition show Big Brother, towards the end of the season house guests are roasted by a particularly annoying robot known as Zingbot 9000. With a robotic sense of humor, the Zingbot – or more accurately, a man inside a robot suit – insults each guest one-by-one. Last night, he even made one guest cry.

While the guests were first excited to see the Zingbot inside the house, the robot quickly ruffled enough feathers to feel slightly unwelcome.

To Jason, “Alex, I see you’ve been forced to carry around a ton of dead weight, or, as I like to call it, ‘Jason.'”

To Raven, “You got the clownitard. That’s the worst punishment ever. Oh, wait, it’s just your face.”


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To Matt, “Congrats on making it so far in the game since the only thing you’ve done is Raven.”

To Paul, “Last season, you taught me so much. Like how to lose half a million dollars.”

To Kevin, “I head you like to use saran wrap to preserve your youth. It’s too late.”

To Alex, “What do you call someone with beach-blonde hair, likes to wear cat ears, and handles lots of wieners. A [car horn noise].”

To Josh, “You shed so many tears this summer. Too bad you can’t shed any weight.”

To Christmas, the Zingbot sang an entire Christmas carol about the contestants broken foot.

But the zing that hurt the most went to Mark. “You might be bye-sexual because every time you try to get sexual with Elena, she says ‘bye.'” The zing was so harsh, in fact, that Mark ended up crying about Elena in the confessional shortly after.

But the Zingbot wasn’t finished just yet. For the Veto Competition, guests had to go back and forth on a slippery track in order to fill up a jar with green slime while Zingbot watched from above. Whoever fills the jar the fastest will be named the winner.

Christmas, Matt, Jason, Paul, Raven, and Mark are all chosen to compete for the power of veto, although, because of her foot, Christmas is once again unable to participate.

Quickly, the competition becomes a three-way race between Paul, Matt, and Jason but Jason gains a lead and never gives it up.

With Jason and Matt on the elimination block, Jason calls a veto meeting and removes himself from the block. As head of household, Christmas chooses Mark to take Jason’s place. As has been the case all season, Mark’s appointment to the block is all part of Paul’s master plan which is yet to falter.

Mark is fairly confident he will be able to convince a few people to help him stay and Matt is getting sick of being on the block and worried that some people might start getting some ideas about him actually going home.

Tune into CBS tonight at 9 p.m. EST to catch another live Big Brother elimination.

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