Big Brother episode 17 of season 19 aired last night, and things are getting interesting.


The episode begins with Paul taking Cody and Jessica into the Head of Household room, trying to strike a deal. But it turns ugly when Peter loses control of the situation and gets angry. The men are furious, leaving Jessica to be the voice of reason, which is a total reversal from episode one of this season.

Out of the HOH room, Josh decides to chime in, as he does, and it only stirs the pot more. Literally. He grabs pots and pans and bangs them at Mark when he steps in to diffuse the situation, leaving Josh to yell, “Don’t touch me” before giving up. In a private interview session, Mark admits he was bullied and he can’t stand to see bullying take place now.


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After everything subsides, we see Paul is still very concerned about his plan to get Cody and Jessica voted off. It seems to be working at least partly, because Jessica is still mad at Cody for engaging with Paul in a screaming match. Then Christmas steps in to tell Jessica that she might be better off a little less closely aligned with Cody than she is. When Jessica reasons that Cody is the only person she can trust, Christmas comes back with the point that perhaps Cody is the one making sure that he’s the only person she can trust. Touché.

Jessica confronts Cody, who breaks down about how he doesn’t have a lot of people in his life who care for him, and how he wants to be there for Jessica because he really believes she could win.

Then a fake weather report comes on for everyone to see, and in the end, Paul, Jason, Jessica, Cody, Kevin, and Raven will play for the veto. The group takes turns recounting their weatherperson auditions, and Peter comes out the winner. He wants to use his veto power to convince Jessica to drop Cody, and she reveals she won’t use her hex if Paul will keep her safe for two weeks and get rid of Alex. Paul says maybe, but that isn’t good enough for Jessica. “Talk to whomever you want. You have a couple days,” she says.

So there’s one more day until the vote, and Jessica is really learning how to play this game.

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