Big Brother‘s 19th season took a tense turn this week when one of the show’s most vicious villains, Jessica Graf, enjoyed her first week as Head of Household.

With her boyfriend Cody Nickson – who is even more hated than Jessica – as her only ally, the tiny brunette faced quite a challenge. Nonetheless, she seemed to enjoy exacting revenge on her housemates.

In one of the slowest – and longest – competitions, the house guests were forced to hold up a red plate against a stoplight by using a flimsy stick. The competition seemed easy at first but within the first two minutes Jason Dent, Paul Abrahamian, and Kevin Schlehuber drop the disk.

After dropping the disk, contestants were allowed to exact a punishment on whoever they’d like to. The competition, titled “What’s the Hold Up” has a city street theme to it, so each punishment was something that any regular commuter might encounter on their way to work.


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Unsurprisingly, each eliminated house guest takes revenge on either Cody or Jessica. Cody has ketchup, concrete, and trash dumped on him by the end of the first five minutes. Meanwhile, Josh Martinez is loving the way Cody is being treated, telling the camera later that he wishes he could be the one doling out the punishment.

His wish eventually comes true, although he seems less happy about it at the time. After lasting 17 minutes, Josh drops the disk. “How ’bout that,” Cody says from across the room, still holding his disk without problem.

Instead of picking Cody though, Josh picks Jessica, who gets tar dumped on her back. From the sidelines, Josh asks Cody, “Hey, Meatball, are you feeling like a pack of meatballs yet?” It wasn’t the most interesting taunt.

But then Josh hit him with the big guns, saying, “Save your girl, what type of guy are you, you big meatball.”

Finally, only Jessica and Christmas Abbot remain. Jessica holds out just slightly longer and becomes HOH.

Soon after getting the coveted position, Jessica and Cody are met with many compliments and promises of loyalty from their house mates, most of whom have hated the couple since the beginning.

Cody also decides to go to Paul and try and bury the hatchet. While his main point is that together, they would be unstoppable, is probably true, Paul is completely unwilling to work with the Marine, although he says none of this to his face. It doesn’t matter though because Cody tells the camera it’s all just in the name of the game anyway, he doesn’t actually want to work with Paul.

Without much hesitation, Jessica puts Ramses and Josh on the elimination block, notifying Ramses that she means nothing by it and that he is only a pawn. Audiences will find out who is eliminated on Wednesday at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.

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