After his game blew up at the hands of Michelle, Natalie, and Bridgette last week, Paulie became public enemy number one in the Big Brother house. After Victor won the HoH competition, he and Paul decided to make a big move and nominate Paulie and Corey for eviction. After nominations, Paulie broke down in the Diary Room and cried a flood of tears not because he was targeted, but because his bromance, Corey, whom he dubbed “his everything”, was also nominated (AW).

Big Brother 18 Episode 26 Recap: Zingbot for President

Wednesday night’s episode opens right after the nomination ceremony. Paulie and Corey are both livid that Victor went against the “Executives” and nominated them. The nominees openly reveal the existence of their all-guy-alliance in front of Nicole, who immediately passes this information on to the other two ladies, Michelle and Natalie. It appears as though the guy alliance is officially over and that the ladies are safe this week (THANK GOD).

After the players are picked for the veto competition, Paul tells James, Natalie, and Michelle that they need to confront Paulie to rattle him before the competition. The foursome approach Paulie in the kitchen and begin calling him out on all of his manipulation and lies. Paulie tries to label Michelle as manipulative as she dances around and says “LOL” repeatedly (Big Meech my queen). The onslaught ends with Paulie claiming the group’s intent was obvious and that it only fueled his desire to win the veto.


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Zingbot 9000 makes his annual return to zing the houseguests and kick of the Veto competition. Zingbot delivers some scathing remarks about the houseguests, calling Nicole out for throwing her game away for yet another showmance, telling Paul he needs to shut the f%#$ up (agreed), calling Victor a douchebag, and telling Paulie he is a less attractive, less charming, and overall lesser version of his younger brother Cody (SHADE. Zaddy Paulie could still get it though).

The Veto competition begins and has the houseguests launching a bean bag onto numbered tiles, with the lowest score being eliminated each round. After each round, the eliminated houseguest selects a box which holds either a reward or a punishment, and each houseguest eliminated afterwards has the option of switching their box with anyone previously eliminated. After all of the rounds are played, Victor holds the PoV, James and Nicole win prizes, and Paulie, Paul, and Corey receive punishments for the rest of the week.

At the Veto Ceremony, Victor predictably chooses to leave the nominations the same. He tells Paulie that he forgives him, but didn’t forget that it was Paulie that backdoored and evicted him earlier this season. It’s clear that Paulie is the target this week, but we know to always expect the unexpected on Big Brother.  Which half of the bromance will be evicted from the Big Brother house tonight, Paulie or Corey? And do either of the two nominees hold the round-trip ticket? Find out tonight on CBS at 9pm EST for the next live eviction.

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