Big Brother picked up where it left off on Sunday with Candice Stewart and Jessie Kowalski in danger of eviction and making last ditch efforts to save their own skins with Head of Household McCrae Olson. While McCrae struggles with the decision that rests on his skinny shoulders, Jeremy McGuire and Nick Uhas are busy in the pantry congratulating each other on the success of their alliance with frat boy chest bumps.

As Candice continues to badger McCrae, the rest of the household is placing their bets on who will be made the first MVP by the show’s viewers at home. Most think Elissa Slater will get the honor and Elissa does nothing to contradict the presumption, suggesting that she’ll get votes because her sister is Giselle Bundchen – her sister is actually Big Brother season 13 winner Rachel Reilly. In any case, Elissa does turn out to be the MVP and seeks McCrae out to see who he wants her to add to the chopping block.

McCrae takes the opportunity offered him by the naïve Elissa and nominates David Girton, who looks like he’ll be a dangerous competitor in any of the physical challenges the housemates might face. He then suggests that he’d have to put Elissa on the block as a pawn. He adds that it’s because no one likes her and is met with Elissa’s face of shock and sense of betrayal. She ends up picking David, who's completely taken aback.

After getting the bad news, David seeks out Aaryn Gries, who earlier in the show offered to be his “sugar baby,” and tells her he can’t even bring himself to trust her anymore after being sentenced to the block. She cries and wants him to apologize. In his way, he does, but Aaryn doesn’t want to “kiss this out,” as he suggests.

McCrae spills to Amanda Zuckerman that Elissa is the “secret” MVP, after she offers him sage advice about throwing the upcoming veto competition with Elissa, Howard Overby, Candice and Jesse – lest he appear to be too big of a threat in the house. McCrae then goes back to Elissa and confesses he told Amanda she’s the MVP.

At the American Baking Competition-themed veto competition, the chosen housemates had to scramble through an obstacle course of honey and blueberry balloons and spell a word with letters they find throughout. Elissa spells “potroasts,” which isn’t a word (it should be two), so she’s eliminated. David endeavors to spell “competition,” but doesn’t spell anything at all. Howard spells “sailing.” Jesse spells “tumbled.” Candice spells “rafts.” And McCrae, who had attempted to throw the competition, won the power of veto by spelling “delivery.”

McCrae consults with his alliance, “The Moving Company,” about what to do with his veto power. His instinct is to get Elissa up on the block, but the alliance disagrees, wanting to focus more on getting David out of the house. When it comes time to exercise his veto, McCrae saves Candice – and nominated Elissa for elimination.

Will Elissa be thrown out of the house? Will Aaryn and David keep up their showmance?

Big Brother returns next Tuesday on CBS at 8/7c.

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