Big Brother picked up back in the competition where Helen Kim, Judd Maguire, Candice Stewart and Jessie Kowalski were fighting to win a spot back in the house, and where all of the contestants were battling to become the latest Head of Household.

Trying to maintain their balance on platforms with the objective of weathering a storm of hose fire and balls, Spencer Clawson and McCrae Olson are the first to fall. They’re soon followed by Andy Heron and Jessie, and then Helen. Candice is the next to drop, which means Judd is the juror who will be headed back into the house. He soon falls off as well, leaving GinaMarie Zimmerman, Amanda Zuckerman and Elissa Slater to fight to become the new HOH. After GinaMarie loses her balance, it’s down to Amanda and Elissa – and the yoga instructor prevails.

With Elissa as HOH, Aaryn feels it’s almost a definite that this will be her week to go home. Amanda is equally concerned about Elissa’s win, knowing that with her in control, she lacks the ability to puppeteer this week’s outcome. After complaining to McCrae, they team up to try to convince Elissa to put GinaMarie on the block. Elissa doesn’t seem likely to bite.

After apparently mistaking her nail polish remover bottle with water, taking a massive unpleasant swig, Aaryn appeals to Elissa. Though Aaryn has assumed a less caustic personality in recent weeks, her pleas to Elissa to make a deal – any deal – fall on deaf ears. She knows Aaryn has targeted her in the past, and has no intention of forgetting that.

At nomination time, Judd, GinaMarie, Spencer, Andy and Amanda are all safe. McCrae and Aaryn are left on the block, each of them now desperate to secure the next Power of Veto.

Big Brother returns Wednesday on CBS at 8/7c.

– Chelsea Regan

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