Austin Matelson manipulated Shelli Poole to save Liz Nolan from ending up on the Block after John McGuire won the Veto competition on Big Brother.

Big Brother Recap: Veto Competition

Head of Household, Shelli, is hellbent on her plan to get rid of Da’Vonne Rogers, and after Da’Vonne and John lost the Battle of the Block, Shelli is that much closer to carrying it out. Shelli, Liz and Austin go over the plan: get Da’ out this week, Audrey Middleton out the next.

It’s time for the Veto competition: High Maintenance, a Kathy Griffin original where contestants must cater to her ‘diva’ ways. Competing for the Veto are Shelli, Clay Honeycutt, Meg Maley, John and Da’Vonne. First round of competition pits Da’Vonne against her Blockmate, John. Once again, Da’Vonne overthinks her strategy and John defeats her easily. Meg does her best to throw the competition for John, and, even without help from Shelli or Clay, John wins the challenge and earns the Golden Power of Veto.

Unfortunately for Shelli, John’s Veto power puts her master plan to get rid of Da’Vonne in jeopardy. As a backup, Shelli meets with Austin and Liz and informs Liz that she has decided to put her on the block as a pawn. Liz is completely blindsided by the news, especially considering getting Da’Vonne voted out isn’t a done deal – they don’t have enough votes to make Liz feel secure in her place in the house. Liz appears to take it well, and promises to keep it quiet to ensure Da’Vonne doesn’t have time to campaign against her before she’s officially announced as on the Block for eviction. Of course, Liz then goes directly to Becky to vent, and when Austin shows up, both Austin and Becky Burgess make clear to Liz that they don’t want her to go home.

Desperate not to lose another ally in the house, Austin comes up with a plan to try to shift Shelli’s focus off of Liz. After being woken up early in the morning by Meg, James Huling, Jeff Weldon and Jason Roy laughing, he complains to Shelli that the four of them were having a secret meeting to pledge their support to Da’Vonne – a complete lie. But, Shelli falls for it, and, instead of putting Liz on the Block, she goes with Meg, relying on Meg’s likability to save her from elimination. “Nobody’s going to vote out our sweet Meg,” Shelli says in her confessional.

No matter who goes home this week, one thing is for sure: Audrey will be up for elimination sooner rather than later. In this episode, Audrey continued to make herself as unlikable as possible, constantly bugging Clay about his master plan even though he assures Audrey she isn’t going home this week, and just being all around sketchy.

Someone will be voted for eviction on Big Brother, Thursday at 9 p.m. on CBS.

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