Big Brother returned with Jessie Kowalski and Spencer Clawson still on the block after Andy Heron declined to use his Power of Veto to replace them with another housemate Wednesday night. Surprisingly, it’s Jessie who looks most in danger of elimination.

Jessie, realizing she’s the favorite to pack her bags, begins to take action to keep herself in the game – which involves telling Andy about how she’s starting to think Helen Kim and Elissa Slater no longer have her back. Working his nice guy charm, Andy tries to ease her suspicions before reporting back to Helen and Elissa, telling them to play their roles more convincingly.

After Helen claims in earshot of Jessie that Jessie had tried to oust Amanda last week, things really start to go sour. First Jessie scrambles to find Amanda Zuckerman and McCrae Olson, revealing that Helen’s end game is getting Amanda out of the house. Then, when Helen and Elissa try to calm her, Jessie unloads about how everyone in the house is a liar except for her.


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Continuing on her rampage, Jessie tells GinaMarie Zimmerman and Spencer that Aaryn Gries talks behind their backs. Spencer couldn’t be happier that Jessie is the one getting targeted instead of him and GinaMarie is ambivalent about the gossip. GinaMarie even awkwardly confronts Aaryn about her trash talk to absolve her. Instead of just nodding, Aaryn gets mad that GinaMarie would even bring it up – so then they start yelling at each other.

At the elimination ceremony, everyone votes for Jessie. Jessie, having gotten all her anger out already, graciously smiles and hugs the remaining houseguests. Andy, who had genuinely liked Jessie, cries while saying goodbye – even though he helped to cause her departure.

The Head of Household competition was musical-themed this week, requiring the contestants to figure out what kind of competition the song lyrics are referring to. After the first round, GinaMarie, Spencer, McCrae and Aaryn win. Then, Aaryn beats Spencer and Amanda beats McCrae, leaving Amanda and Aaryn in the finals. Who wins? Aaryn, who becomes the HOH for the fourth time.

Next week, one of the formerly evicted contestants will be returning to compete in the house. Big Brother airs next on Sunday at 8/7c.

– Chelsea Regan

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