Big Brother returns in the midst of the Head of Household competition titled “Bull in a China Shop,” which has the contestants rolling on a log while holding onto bull.

Last week Julie Chen announced that the first three to fall off – forfeiting their chance to become the next HOH – could pick one of three boxes, one of which holds $5,000. Anyway, all of the contestants are still on the log as the speed it’s spinning at varies from fast to slow and even reverses. Spencer Clawson is the first one to fall, swinging on the rope connected to the bullhead into the china cabinet. He ends up opening a box with the punishment of speaking through a bullhorn until the nominations ceremony. Spencer is followed out by Candice Stewart, who gets the $5,000. Helen Kim is the third to go, getting a backyard BBQ to share with three other contestants.

Elissa Slater, Amanda Zuckerman, Judd Maguire and Andy Heron soon fall off as well – leaving McCrae Olson, Jessie Kowalski and GinaMarie Zimmerman to fight it out. In the end, it’s GinaMarie who’s the last one standing. Aaryn Gries couldn’t be happier to have her sidekick be the one who holds the power this week. Helen, ever the game player, gives GinaMarie a congratulatory hug. Both GinaMarie and Aaryn agree that this week it’s Candice’s turn to go home. Amanda, meanwhile, wisely makes a peace deal with Spencer.

In GinaMarie’s Head of Household room, there’s a ton of pink, a picture of her showmance love Nick Uhas and one of her mother, and a Christina Aguilera CD. Andy is duly disturbed by the tween nature of the 32-year-old GinaMarie’s chosen surroundings.

When it comes time for Helen to pick the three people who get to enjoy the BBQ with her, drama naturally erupts. She picks Elissa and Aaryn right off the bat, which really angers Jessie. Amanda’s attempts to calm her down prove futile. Having enough of Jessie’s hysterics, Amanda reveals that she knew Jessie plotted to have her thrown out of the house. This revelation leads to a little meeting between Jessie, Amanda, McCrae and Andy. Amanda later tells McCrae that she wants Jessie evicted, which he points out would be an ill-advised move and suggests she stop being the house bully. Needless to say, Amanda doesn’t take that too well.

At nomination time: Aaryn is safe. Helen is safe. McCrae is safe. Judd is safe. Amanda is safe. Elissa is safe. Spencer is safe. Andy is safe. Who’s left? Candice and Jessie, who are now on the block. Explaining her selections, GinaMarie says that Candice is a drama queen and a rat and that Jessie is a flip flopper. Everyone’s amused – except Candice and Jessie.

Next week on Big Brother: Will Candice or Jessie win the power of veto? Is Amanda going to get backdoored? Who will MVP America pick to put on the block?

– Chelsea Regan

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