Caleb and Amber’s unrequited love story imploded on Thursday night’s Big Brother, with Caleb putting Amber on the block, leading to her eventual eviction.

Amber Confronts Caleb

Amber feels betrayed after winding up on the block this week, and she goes to Caleb for answers. Caleb admits he nominated her for eviction, and tries to read her a Bible passage about trust to explain his reasoning, but Amber is not in the mood. So Caleb says that he thinks she might be going against their alliance, creating a new alliance with the girls. Amber dismisses him and walks out, but later agrees to talk again. This time, Caleb admits he brought up the idea of putting Amber up for eviction, but also says that their alliance knew that she was going to end up on the block. Of course, not only did they know about it, they orchestrated it.

Frankie Plays Caleb

Caleb feels insanely guilty and goes to Frankie, saying he doesn’t think Amber doesn’t deserve to be on the block and Frankie decides to lie and agree with Caleb. Even though he was the mastermind that orchestrated Amber’s potential departure from the house, he says that he really does care for Caleb and wants to comfort him. “I haven’t seen a cowboy cry this much since Brokeback Mountain,” Frankie says.

Amber tells Christine that she is sick of Caleb, saying he’s ruining her game and she wants him gone. Christine saw that as an opportunity to warm the boys up to the idea of keeping Amber around to facilitate getting rid of Caleb. However, Frankie decides to use this piece of information to convince Caleb to vote her out.

Team America Declines Their Mission

Meanwhile Team America – Donny, Frankie and Derrick – got their week’s mission: “vote against the majority of the house in this week’s eviction and then publicly accuse two other houseguests of being the ones responsible for the eviction fallout.” Derrick and Frankie were onboard, but Donny was not comfortable with the idea of changing his game to comply with America’s wishful thinking. Not only that, he doesn’t think the other houseguests would ever buy him standing up and pointing a finger at a fellow houseguest. Derrick and Frankie aren’t exactly thrilled with the mission either, and in the end, they decline to follow through.

Amber Is Evicted

In the end, the house unanimously votes to evict Amber, and Jacosta is saved. Amber leaves with little sentiment and no hugs. Her eviction leaves her bitter, but she leaves peacefully for the most part.

Inside, the Head of Household competition of the week is a quiz on this season’s competitions, and when the episode cuts out, it’s down to Zach, Hayden, Donny, Nicole and Caleb. Whoever wins, next week’s competition is sure to be tough, as host Julie Chen announced that there will be a double elimination.

Big Brother airs Sunday and Wednesday at 8 p.m. and Thursdays at 9 p.m. on CBS.

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