Big Brother has just three finalists remaining – Andy Heron, Spencer Clawson and GinaMarie Zimmerman. Before competing in a three-part Head of Household competition, they took a stroll down memory lane in the Big Brother compound.

The first flashback Big Brother viewers were treated to was just a refresher of last episode’s elimination of McCrae Olson. Andy is shown revealing the existence of The Exterminators to the less game-savvy half of McCranda. When McCrae goes off to the jury house, he tries vainly to get the fellow men and women of the jury to target the backstabbing Andy.

Andy, meanwhile, is dining on a drunk brunch of eggs, French toast and champagne with GinaMarie and Spencer. After they toast to their joint success, Andy recalls the game’s first alliance – The Moving Company. The formation of The Moving Company then plays, including Jeremy McGuire and Nick Uhas’s first plotting and subsequent recruiting of McCrae. There were few kind words to be said about Jeremy by the finalists, especially when they got on the topic of the red wine scandal with Aaryn.


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The producers also felt it necessary to relive the controversy that surrounded Elissa Slater’s relationship with former Big Brother winner Rachel Reilly. At the time, many of Elissa’s housemates weren’t wise to her sisterly connection to the show. People were both mad that she had hidden the information from them, and that she may have some unknown advantage because of it.

The relationship flashbacks were likely the most entertaining. Showmances flourished between Jeremy and Kaitlyn Barnaby, Howard Overby and Candice Stewart, Aaryn Gries and David Girton and Amanda Zimmerman and McCrae, who got Big Brother married. In some more surprising hook ups news. Judd Daugherty hooked up with both Jessie Kowalski and Aaryn. As for Nick and GinaMarie, much to her probable chagrin, they didn’t get a mention.

Fights and sob fests also got some screen time. Most notable was the epic sparring match between GinaMarie and Amanda. Also mentioned were Amanda’s bashing of Elissa, Candice's struggling to control her anger, Andy’s frequent waterworks in the diary room and GinaMarie’s tearful moment with the red shorts.

Following the reminiscing, the three finalists get ready for the disco-themed Head of Household challenge. The challenge requires them to skate while gripping onto a rope. Before the episode ends it looks like GinaMarie is off to an early lead, which likely means either Andy or Spencer outlast her for the win.

– Chelsea Regan

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