Big Brother returns with the four-time Head of Household Aaryn Gries deliberating about staying loyal to Amanda Zuckerman and McCrae Olson and mom alliance Helen Kim and Elissa Slater on the block for eviction.

Helen is relatively confident that her final three deal is legitimate and that she doesn’t need to worry too much about getting booted. Elissa, however, seems slightly dejected, but motivated to give it her all in fighting for the Power of Veto. Despite technically being enemies up on the block with one another, neither Helen nor Elissa betrays any animosity towards the other; they’re going to stick together.

Nice, quiet Andy Heron, who’s actually the puppeteer of Helen’s fake final three alliance, tells Helen he feels out of the loop about what the ultimate elimination plan is. Trying to appear sympathetic to America, he says in a diary session that it’s not easy for him to play the two-face. He admits that seeing either of the two women go home would be devastating for him. Later, still desperately trying to keep his hands clean, Andy urges Spencer Clawson to win the veto competition because he doesn’t want to have to make any tough decisions.

While McCrae and Amanda are making out in bed, Elissa barges into the room to have a chat. Elissa whines that Helen harbors some ill will towards her for landing them both on the block. Though initially annoyed at being interrupted with her boy toy, Amanda perks up at the realization that Elissa is coming to her. But, is Elissa really turning on Helen, or just venting?

Helen, Elissa, Aaryn, GinaMarie Zimmerman, Spencer and Andy are the housemates competing in the veto competition, which features questions about those that have already been evicted. Amanda commands Andy to only throw the competition once both Helen and Elissa are out. Unfortunately for her master plan, Andy goes out in the third round and Elissa proceeds to victory in the fifth.

Afterwards, Amanda sidles up to Elissa and tells her Helen is likely going home and there’s not much to be done about it. Elissa wrestles with whether or not to inform Helen that she’s being targeted. Helen, already wary after perceiving that Andy may not have been trying to win the Power of Veto, starts to sense that Elissa is trying to subtly clue her in that Spencer wouldn’t get evicted over her.

With her newfound knowledge, Helen decides to propose to Aaryn a final four alliance with her, Elissa and GinaMarie. Even though Aaryn knows that even Andy has been playing games with them now, she’s hesitant to commit. When Amanda picks a nasty fight with Aaryn, it looks like the Head of Household might actually backdoor her. But, when Elissa takes herself off the block its Spencer Aaryn puts up.

Big Brother returns on Thursday on CBS at 9/8c.

– Chelsea Regan

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