Big Brother contestants Jessie Kowalski and Spencer Clawson were the pair on the block when Wednesday night’s episode began, with Andy Heron holding down the post of Head of Household.

Amanda Zuckerman, who’s replaced her cool-headed strategy with spite, is looking to get Jessie booted from the house. Amanda’s alliance teammate Andy, meanwhile, is doing his best to ease Jessie’s concerns about getting eliminated, as Helen Kim wonders if she really should be trusting Andy’s loyalties. She shouldn’t be; Amanda, McCrae Olson, Aaryn Gries and Andy are making a pact to see themselves to the final four.

Helen’s suspicions about Andy leads her into a discussion with Elissa Slater about Amanda and McCrae’s newfound dominance in the house. Aware that Helen is probably growing wary, McCrae and Andy decide to offer Helen a final-three pact. She believes them and ditches Elissa is in a flash.


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For the Veto Competition, Elissa and Amanda are selected to compete with Andy, Spencer and Jessie. In a risky gamble, they decide to let Helen win the competition, in hopes that she’ll keep the nominations as they are. It doesn’t really make much sense though, since both Jessie and Spencer are on the block and, conceivably, want to get off it. In any case, after a few tense rounds where it looks like Spencer could be the winner, Andy ends up solving the final math question and earning the power of veto.

No one’s sure who Andy is going to replace on the block. Helen wants him to put another strong player up there. Amanda tells him to keep an eye on Spencer, who she just finished lambasting for betraying the “alliance.” Jessie then approaches Andy in an attempt to get him to betray Amanda, arguing that getting her out of the house will help his game in the long run. McCrae reports back to Amanda that Helen wants her out of the house, which leads Amanda to try to get Andy to put Helen up.

At the end of the day, Andy opts to not use his power of veto, leaving Jessie and Spencer on the block. Big Brother returns tonight, Aug. 15 on CBS at 9/8c.

– Chelsea Regan

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