Big Brother continued arguably the most important Head of Household competition of the season thus far when it picked up on Wednesday, with it almost essential for Amanda Zuckerman or McCrae Olson to win the title if they wanted to remain off the block together.

In the bunny hopping, Easter egg basket filling competition, Andy Heron and GinaMarie Zimmerman have the lead. McCrae and Amanda, unwittingly believing an Andy win could secure them for another week, are pulling for him. In the end, however, it’s GinaMarie who gets the victory. Tied for last place in the competition were Spencer Clawson and Judd Maguire, which means they both will have to sport chicken suits.

Not wanting to waste any time, Amanda almost immediately tries to sink her claws into GinaMarie to try to get her to vote to her and McCrae’s advantage. She suggests that GinaMarie nominate Elissa Slater, as she got GinaMarie’s best bud Aaryn Gries sent home last week. GinaMarie informs Amanda that unlike Aayn and some of the other housemates, she’s not eager to follow her demands.


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Spencer tries to calm Amanda’s fears by suggesting that GinaMarie will most likely nominate him and Elissa. But, wisely, Amanda senses that her and McCrae are far from safe, so gives another go at GinaMarie. This time, she claims that if GinaMarie puts her up for elimination she will suffer the consequences via her (imaginary) legion of friends, but will be revered if she puts up Elissa and Judd.

An all out feud between Amanda and Elissa materializes, with each of them insulting the other in turn. McCrae tries to convince Amanda it would be smarter gameplay to try to play the victim instead of constantly being the antagonist. Andy, meanwhile, suggests that Elissa just start walking away instead of getting into the verbal spats with Amanda. Both of them have trouble taking the sage advice of their peers.

During a random balloon popping competition, Spencer wins $10,000 after getting chips “1,” “0” and “K.”

At the nomination ceremony: Andy is safe, Spencer is Safe, Elissa is safe and Judd is safe. True to her word, GinaMarie made the big move and put McCrae and Amanda on the block together. Amanda immediately begins to cry – knowing that her alliance and showmance will likely be broken up.

– Chelsea Regan

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