Big Brother returned with “McCranda” – in-house power couple McCrae Olson and Amanda Zuckerman – on the block for elimination following GinaMarie Zimmerman's bold nomination ceremony as the Head of Household.

Aware that she’s lost her grasp on the house, Amanda decides (yet again) that offense is the best defense and blames GinaMarie’s nominations on jealousy. GinaMarie, proving herself to be smarter than those in the house give her credit for, simply states that showmances are a threat. After all, if they stick together, they wouldn’t give anyone else a chance to get into the final two. After refusing to accept GinaMarie’s reasoning, Amanda seeks out Elissa Slater.

Surprisingly, Elissa isn’t deaf to Amanda’s latest pitch, and makes it seem plausible that the unlikely two could forge an alliance. In fact, Elissa even goes so far as to say that she inherently trusts Amanda and McCrae over Spencer Clawson and GinaMarie – but that doesn’t mean there’s no need for insurance. In exchange for her wedding ring, Elissa holds on to all of Amanda’s jewelry. When Andy Heron learns of this new development, he’s stressed about which side to chose.


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McCrae has a feeling that the bottom is going to drop out of the plan – either with Elissa or with Andy. It’s Andy who they should be most worried about, as he’s already ratted the new alliance out to GinaMarie and Spencer. Amanda stubbornly insists, though, that he’s going to stay true.

When it comes time for the live vote: Judd Maguire votes for Amanda, McCrae votes for Spencer, Elissa votes for Spencer, and Andy votes for Amanda. Since they’re tied at two votes apiece, GinaMarie gets to select the evictee. To no one’s surprise, she picks Amanda, who knows that Andy is the one that betrayed her.

During her sit-down chat with Julie Chen, Amanda admits that she could have been nicer during her stay in the house. She stopped short of calling herself a bully, but did acknowledge bullying Elissa every once in awhile. And her showmance with McCrae? Apparently, it’s the real thing; he’s going to move into her place in Florida. Incidentally, Big Brother has been the birth of more lasting relationships than the Bachelor franchise.

The latest Head of Household competition involves the contestants searching for dog bones in the dirt. Once they find two, they bring them to a dog bowl, get a key and hit a buzzer. McCrae, fueled by his grief over Amanda’s eviction, wins the competition easily. He puts GinaMarie and Elissa on the block for elimination.

After Judd wins the Power of Veto in a racing game, Elissa and GinaMarie plead with him to get off the block. In the end, however, their pleas were in vain, as Judd decides not to use his power to save either of the women. Since the night was slated to have a double elimination, it’s time for another vote. Spencer, Judd and Andy all vote for Elissa – and she’s following Amanda out the door.

Big Brother returns on Sunday with its final five – McCrae, GinaMarie, Andy, Spencer and Judd.

– Chelsea Regan

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