Big Brother had Aaryn Gries and McCrae Olson on the block and in danger of elimination, and Elissa Slater as the latest Head of Household when it returned on Wednesday night.

Amanda Zuckerman is worried that the power she and McCrae once wielded over the house is lost forever and that one of them will soon be leaving the Big Brother house. Handling Elissa’s appointment as HOH more productively is GinaMarie Zimmerman, who makes a concerted effort to make fast friends with the new house ruler. Of course, Amanda resents GinaMarie for sucking up to Elissa and whines about it to her boyfriend McCrae.

Realizing that GinaMarie had the right idea, Amanda decides to also have a chitchat with Elissa about strategy – selfishly suggesting that Elissa put GinaMarie up for elimination if Aaryn should manage to get herself off the block. She also asks for a guarantee that she won’t be backdoored. Elissa vows not to put her at risk of elimination, a promise which Amanda thinks is empty. She would be correct, as Elissa can’t help but salivate at the idea of sending the reigning puppeteer home and quickly gets Judd Maguire and Aaryn on board with her scheme.


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Competing in this week’s veto competition are Aaryn, McCrae, Elissa, GinaMarie, Judd and Amanda. The game entails the housemates rolling a ball back and forth through a contraption 250 times. Aaryn is the first to drop her ball, followed by GinaMarie and McCrae. It’s down to Amanda and Judd, but then a nauseas looking Judd drops his ball too – throwing up in the process. Amanda gets to 250 and miraculously wins the Power of Veto.

Amanda, who was already up in arms after sensing a plot to backdoor her, gets even more enraged when Elissa claims to have let her win the competition. Amanda decides to try to use her anger constructively, bullying Elissa into such a distressed state that she needs someone to comfort her. That someone, according to Amanda’s plan, will be Andy Heron, whom Elissa will then feel obligated to keep off the block. Unfortunately for Andy, Elissa has wizened up in her gameplay and puts him on the block anyway.

Big Brother returns with Aaryn and Andy on the block and Amanda with less loyalty in the house than ever before Thursday on CBS at 9/8c.

– Chelsea Regan

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