Big Brother’s most steadfast showmance between Amanda Zuckerman and McCrae Olson has not only endured, it’s enabled them to become the de facto leaders of the house.

Amanda’s self-confidence is rapidly turning into bluster and hubris, as she declares that she has played a part in every eviction, and plans to continue on ousting housemates as she sees fit. This new Amanda CBS is showing is quite a departure from the one they edited into the show in the past. Gone is the analytic observer who stayed mostly beyond the frays, while remaining a smart game player. She’s now being revealed as the blowhard bully that makes it no wonder she was put on the block twice.

Someone a little less keen for absolute power, Aaryn Gries, is bemoaning the fact that she’s the Head of Household again – which makes her responsible for putting people up for eviction. Amanda, of course is completely jealous of Aaryn, and annoyed that she wasn’t able to beat her in the competition. She cries to McCrae about her feelings of inferiority, but he seems mostly absent in her most recent display of theatrics.


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McCrae has other concerns, like if he can trust Aaryn not to put him up. GinaMarie Zimmerman and Spencer Clawson agree, though, that the person who puts McCrae most in danger of elimination is his Big Brother fiancé. They think Amanda will ultimately ruin his chances to stick around, and basically any chance at happiness in general.

Meanwhile, Helen Kim and Elissa Slater are worried about whom Aaryn is going to try to evict. Since Elissa refuses to approach Aaryn, the negotiating/ schmoozing is left to Helen, who seems to do a fantastic job. She lays it on thick, telling the once-loathed Aaryn how amazing she is in every way, including in her stellar gameplay. Aaryn gets hooked on the sweet-talking bait and vows mutual adoration for Helen. Amanda, who wants both Helen and Elissa on the block, won’t like this little friendship.

When Amanda confronts Aaryn about who she thinks should be put up, Aaryn tries to go for a compromise, suggesting she put up Elissa and Spencer. Amanda won’t budge though, and goes on to tell Andy Heron that Aaryn is going to do as she’s told. Little does the unnamed alliance know that Elissa would actually willingly go home – a fact that deeply distresses Helen, as she saw them making it to the final two together. She cries about it in the HOH room, where GinaMare and Andy offer words of support while she gets little sympathy from Amanda and McCrae.

In the Have Not competition, the Green Team of Amanda, Elissa, Helen and GinaMarie face off against the Orange Team of Andy, Spencer, McCrae and Aaryn. Each team gets a chance to find a key in a dark room filled with nasty obstacles like unidentifiable goo and spaghetti. The Green Team finds the key in 7:21, the Orange Team gets it in 3:41.

Shortly after the Have Not result, it’s time for nominations. GinaMarie, Spencer, Amanda, McCrae and Andy are all safe, leaving Amanda’s chosen two – Helen and Elissa – on the block. Spencer couldn’t be happier, Elissa couldn’t be more devastated to be pitted up against her lone pal in the house and Helen is trying to hold out hope that Aaryn plans to keep her safe.

Big Brother returns Wednesday at 8/7c.

– Chelsea Regan

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