Big Brother began on Thursday night with Amanda Zuckerman throwing her weight around the house, declaring her superior abilities to frighten her fellow housemates. Elissa Slater, the Head of Household who tried to split up “McCranda” after putting McCrae Olson on the block and trying to backdoor Amanda, gets the brunt of her verbal assault – though she’s far from the only target.

Andy Heron also gets an earful from Amanda, who is now on the block mostly thanks to her. Amanda actually commands him to listen to her rant about Elissa. Though she tries to quench his alarm at her behavior by claiming she’s just joking around, the damage is done and it's clear that Andy no longer feels compelled to be loyal to her. None of the other contestants are likely to take Amanda’s outrageous order that no one speak to Elissa either.

From Amanda’s evolution into a maniacal dictator, an alliance is born in the Big Brother house. Dubbed the exterminators, Andy, Spencer Clawson, GinaMarie Zimmerman and Judd Maguire plot to take down McCranda. Meanwhile, Amanda goes to Aaryn to tearfully apologize that she won’t be able to keep her in the game even though she really wishes she could. Afterwards, a frightened Aaryn tries to save herself by exposing Andy for the two-faced player he’s quietly been all along. Unfortunately for Aaryn, he’s already convinced the others he’s firmly on their side.


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An increasingly desperate Aaryn then tries to appeal to Amanda and McCrae, exposing Spencer’s plot to oust them from the competition in the process. Predictably, this causes Amanda to demand an audience with Spencer, where she essentially accuses him of treason against the royal couple she thinks her and McCrae have become. Spencer won’t admit his guilt, but Amanda remains suspicious.

When it comes down to eviction time, both Aaryn and Andy make their final statements before the votes are cast. One by one, the voting housemates announce their decision to evict Aaryn. When she walks out for her interview with Julie Chen, she’s met with a chorus of boos from the live audience.

At first it looks like Julie is going to let Aaryn get off easy and not mention her blatant racism earlier in the game – but then she lays into her. Julie recalls verbatim the racist and homophobic remarks she made about African American Candice Stewart, Asian American Helen Kim and Andy, who’s gay. All of Aaryn’s justifications and apologies are met with laughter from the audience.

Back inside the Big Brother compound, it’s time for the Head of Household competition. The game, Big Hopportunity, appropriately has to do with Easter eggs, and has the contestants hopping around collecting the eggs in baskets. The winner, of course, will be the next HOH, but this time the loser gets a punishment – wearing a chicken suit for a week.

Big Brother returns Sunday on CBS at 8/7c.

– Chelsea Regan

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