Derrick Levasseur won Big Brother’s 16th season despite losing to Cody Calafiore in the final Head of Household competition.

Final HoH Competition: Derrick Levasseur Wins

Big Brother’s top three contestants, Derrick, Cody and Victoria Rafaeli were the last three standing in the Big Brother house, and had to battle it out in a three part HoH competition. Victoria was the first to go in Part 1, an endurance competition, and Cody desperately wanted to win the endurance challenge, so Derrick let him have it and went on to Part 2, which pit him against Victoria in a physical and mental challenge.

Derrick needed to win Part 2 so he could go up against Cody in Part 3, and make the Cody-Derrick final two pact a reality. Derrick was more confident in the challenge than Victoria, but he also had a height advantage. He completed the challenge in half the time it took Victoria and moved on to Part 3.

Cody and Derrick faced off in the final part of the HoH competition. The winner would have to immediately pick who they wanted to face in the final two. Would the boys follow through on their final two pact, or would the winner choose to move forward with Victoria, as they both see her as an easy one to beat. Cody won the Final Head of Household title and wasted no time in kicking Victoria out of the house.

Cody And Derrick Are The Final Two

When it came time for Cody and Derrick to speak to the Jury of eliminated contestants, Cody crumbled under the pressure. Frankie asked him directly if he was the puppet being controlled by Derrick, Cody seemed frazzled and decided to turn the question around. Cody boasted about being solely responsible for sending Frankie home.

Both Cody and Derrick were asked why they should win, and Derrick said he deserved to win because he was never nominated for eviction, but Cody said he should win because of his “social game.” Before Jury Deliberations, secrets were revealed: first, the existence of Team America was made public to the players, who were shocked and amused. But, the final secret came from Derrick himself. He told the group that, Frankie was right, he wasn’t a parks and rec coordinator, but a police officer and former undercover detective. “Everything I told you about my life and family, it’s true. But, I did omit one fact: I’m not a parks and rec coordinator. I’ve been a police officer for 10 years. Undercover detective for three years,” Derrick revealed.

The houseguests were shocked, and even host Julie Chen struggled to contain her amusement when she added that keeping his occupation a secret from the houseguests had been Derrick’s strategy all along, and she had the casting tape to prove it!

Derrick Wins Big Brother

The jury was clearly impressed and named Derrick the winner of Big Brother. Derrick will receive $500,000 in prize money and Cody will receive $50,000.

Finally, Julie Chen announced America’s Favorite Houseguest, voted on by viewers at home: Zach, Nicole and Donny were the top three, but Donny won easily, receiving over 5 million votes. As America’s Favorite Houseguest, Donny won $25,000.

Big Brother has been picked up for two more seasons.

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