Big Brother is down to the final three – Andy Heron, Spencer Clawson and Gina Marie Zimmerman – who are competing in the most pivotal Head of Household competition to date.

All three remaining housemates are hanging on for dear life as they’re twirled around a specially made roller rink on old school roller skates. GinaMarie looks most at home on the unsteady footwear, and it doesn’t take long for both her and Andy to outlast Spencer. When foam beings to blast on the two survivors, it looks like GinaMarie is bound to fall, but Andy beats her to it, giving her passage into the final of three rounds of the HOH competition.

For the next part of the competition, Andy and Spencer have to use their quickness, strength and memory. They have to catch crabs featuring faces of their housemates, climb a wall and place the crab(s) in the order in which the housemates were evicted. Andy completes the task in just under 22 minutes, while Spencer finishes in roughly 36 minutes, giving Andy the go-ahead to the final round.

Before the last challenge, Andy tries to convince GinaMarie to bring him to the final two should she beat him. Overwhelmed with the potential responsibility, GinaMarie cries. She’d like to be loyal to Andy, but she thinks she’d have a better chance against Spencer.


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Over at the jury house, Dr. Will pays the evicted Big Brother contestants a visit as they welcome the newest jury member – McCrae Olson. Dr. Will presses the evictees about how their relationship dynamics have changed since they’re no longer competing with one another. People still seem to be put off my Amanda Zuckerman, especially Candice Stewart. Candice, shockingly, has befriended Aaryn Gries and the two are now best buds. Aside from Amanda, most of the women hope GinaMarie will win, but Andy seems like he might be the favorite.

The third and final part of the Head of Household competition is a pretty straightforward quiz about the men and women of the jury. The first question is about Candice, and they both get it right. They both get the question about Jessie Kowalski wrong. GinaMarie apparently didn’t know Helen Kim as well as Andy, and gets the question about her wrong, putting her behind. After a few more rounds, Andy becomes the winner and is guaranteed a payout of at least $50,000 with his trip to the final two.

Who does Andy choose to take with him? GinaMarie. The king of sneaky backstabbing in the house, makes his last move out of loyalty. Spencer takes the eviction graciously and tells Julie Chen it didn’t come as much of a shock. With the jurors, Spencer then takes the stage to grill the final two.

When the jurors get their chance to interrogate Andy and GinaMarie, a clear separation between the two finalists begins to appear. Andy answers even the toughest questions with composure, offering lucid arguments and explanations for the devious way in which he played the game while maintaining his affection for all those he had evicted. GinaMarie, meanwhile, answers just about everything with an affirmation that she is who she is.

When it comes time for the jurors to vote, Judd Daugherty, and Aaryn vote for GinaMarie; the rest pick Andy. Andy, as the winner of season 15 of Big Brother, won $500,000 and runner-up GinaMarie received $50,000. America, who had Judd, Elissa Slater and Howard Overby as their top three favorite houseguests, selected Elissa as their ultimate favorite, which earned her $25,000.

– Chelsea Regan

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