Jason Dent, a contestant on the 19th and current season of Big Brother, is being reprimanded online for making a controversial rape joke aimed at a fellow contestant during the show’s live feed earlier this week.

According to TMZ, Dent’s comments came on Monday night.

While speaking with fellow contestants Alex Ow and Paul Abrahamian, Dent began to joke about raping contestant Kevin Schlehuber‘s wife after Schlehuber broke their alliance.

“I’m going to f– your wife when I get out of here,” Dent said of Schlehuber’s wife. “And I’m going to tie all your daughters up and make them f–ing watch.”

Ow, who has complained briefly before about sexual harassment within the house, laughed along to Dent’s jokes while Abrahamian said, “Oh, my god.”

Dent later said that he tried to think of the most outrageous thing he could say.

Schlehuber, at 55-years-old, is by far the oldest contestant. He has six daughters and one son. Dent, 38, is a rodeo-clown from Iowa who has been criticized for sexually charged jokes made on the live feed of the show perviously. Earlier this season, he spoke about forcing a female contestant to the ground while male contestants “backdoor her,” according to the New York Daily News.

Viewers of the live feed were quick to go to Twitter and share their thoughts about the matter. Many suggested – or even demanded – that the show’s network, CBS, and it’s host Julie Chen, force Dent to apologize or force him off the show.

“Jason should be kicked off Big Brother for making rape a laughing matter. This is not acceptable,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Congratulations @whistlenut_ole you made @TMZ with your rapey comments towards @BB19KEVIN’s wife,” wrote another.

Neither CBS nor Chen have commented on the controversy. Unable to use the internet and with very limited access to the outside world, it is unlikely that Dent is aware of the backlash his comments have been receiving.