With he and Corey still up for eviction, Paulie turned on the waterworks in an attempt to garner sympathy and votes from the rest of the houseguests. First stop on Paulie’s campaign train was Natalie, to whom he apologized for his cruel words and actions. Though Natalie accepted his apauliegy (see what I did there) she knew that he was only apologizing for the votes and was not sincere. Paulie then trucked along to Paul and asked for a sympathy vote from his former alliance member. Paul assured Paulie that he would throw him a sympathy vote so that he wouldn’t be evicted unanimously. Finally, Paulie made his final stop at James, pandering to the fact that he is the only one that could beat the “competition beast” Victor and take him out. Although Paulie made his campaign rounds, the house was unwavering on who their target was.

*skip past Paulie being a poor sport and refusing to complete his punishment from the PoV competition until consoled by bromance Corey*

“It’s breaking my heart seeing you like this” – Corey to Paulie

“I don’t want to break your heart” – Paulie to Corey


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As this is a Live Eviction episode we are treated to many filler sequences including an update on Big Brother veterans Rachel and Brendon’s baby (I truly could not care less, Julie). It turns out the couple has become even more obnoxious in their Big Brother absence and named their daughter “Adora Borealis”. (Nope. I’ve f&*%ing had it).

After a painfully long update on Brenchel, we are finally given a glimpse inside the jury house. I loved seeing my girl Da’Vonne again but I am still having PTSD from her eviction. Zakiyah arrived at the jury house next and brought her eviction tape with her, which incited priceless reactions from Queen Da’. Bridgette later joined the two ladies as the most recently evicted houseguest. Da’Vonne and Bridgette finally realized that they shared a common target and should’ve worked together to get Paulie out (TOO LATE LADIES JESUS).

It’s now time for the live vote and eviction. As the nominees gave their final pleas to the other houseguests, Paulie made a cringe worthy attempt to appear easy going and likable after his meltdown last week. He addressed each of the houseguests and gave Big Meech a “showmance kiss” to round out her Big Brother experience.

After the votes were cast, Paulie was evicted unanimously (so much for that pity vote, Paul), and joined Julie Chen on stage. In yet another cringeworthy moment, Paulie hugged and lifted Chenbot into the air, as if she hadn’t watched all of his aggressively misogynistic behavior this past week. Luckily, Paulie did not have the round-trip ticket and was officially sent to the jury house.

After the eviction, Julie revealed two twists that will surely shake up the game next week. First was the next care package, granting the winner a “Co-HoH”. The winner of the care package will not only be safe from eviction next week, but will also be able to select one of the nominees for eviction. The second twist which Julie will reveal to the houseguests next Thursday is that the first five members of the jury will be competing for a chance to come back into the Big Brother house (PLEASE MAMA DA’ WIN YOUR FIRST COMPETITION).

Tune into CBS tonight at 8pm EST for a special episode of Big Brother where the houseguests compete for a variety of prizes and again on Sunday night (8pm EST) to find out who becomes the next HoH and Co-Hoh.

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