After Wednesday night’s Veto competition and ceremony of Big Brother, the house was flipped on its head as a power shift occurred before Thursday night’s eviction.

The power shift began with Natalie and Bridgette discussing who they would rather see stay in the Big Brother house, Zakiyah or Michelle. The girls preferred Michelle stay over Zakiyah because she is not a threat to their game and is not Paulie’s pawn. Needing only three votes to secure Michelle’s safety, Natalie and Bridgette decide to stop laying low and to begin playing the game.

Nat and Bridge talk to James, Michelle, and Paul about how Paulie is controlling the house and manipulating each of the houseguests. With a solid group locked down, James plans to use his care package to nullify Paul and Corey’s vote in order to evict Zakiyah. Paul wants his vote nullified so that his alliance member, Paulie, doesn’t realize that he is part of the plan to take him down.

According to Julie Chen a fight erupted between Paulie and the three ladies that wasn’t aired during last night’s episode. Luckily, the drama and subsequent blowing up of Paulie’s game will be aired during Sunday night’s episode (yesss DRAG HIM).


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Big Brother 18 Episode 24: Double Eviction Night

As last night’s episode was a Double Eviction episode, it starts immediately at the first eviction vote with both Zakiyah and Michelle awaiting their fates. As the two nominees plea for votes, Michelle delivers a scathing speech to Paulie which leaves the former ringleader of the house red with embarrassment (YES Meech!). Right before the vote, James uses his care package to nullify Paul and Corey’s votes as planned, and Zakiyah is evicted. Unfortunately, my girl Z didn’t have the round trip ticket and she joins Mama Da’ in the jury house.

After the live vote, the HoH competition starts immediately with Paulie feeling the pressure. The HoH competition is a questions game where the houseguests have to answer “more” or “less” to the questions Julie asks. If a houseguest answers incorrectly, they are eliminated. Paulie is eliminated on the first question which sends me and Natalie into a small dance party. However, on the second question, the rest of the houseguests are eliminated sans braindead Corey (UGHHH) making him the new HoH.

Corey obviously has a huge mancrush on Paulie so he nominates Bridgette and Michelle in retaliation for them blowing up Paulie’s game. The Veto competition is played shortly afterwards and consists of the houseguests digging through a ball pit to find three vetoes. Again my fears are confirmed as Corey wins the Power of Veto (WTF). Of course Corey chooses not to use the Veto on either of the two nominees and the house gets ready for the second live vote and eviction of the night.

As the two nominees give their final please to the houseguests, Michelle once again goes on the offensive. Believing that she is going to be evicted, Michelle says she is happy that she was able to blow up Paulie’s game and that Nicole is the biggest snake in the house and that Tiffany, Frank, and Da’Vonne thought so too (love my girl Meech for going after Paulie and Ratcole). Despite Michelle’s second verbal assault, Bridgette is the one evicted from the house. Unfortunately Bridgette does not possess the round-trip ticket either, and joins Da’Vonne and Zakiyah in the jury.

The next HoH competition will be a pivotal one for the houseguests. Will NiCorey and Paulie maintain control of the house or will the house get another opportunity to send Paulie packing? Tune in to Big Brother Sunday night 8pm EST to find out who the next HoH will be and to see all the drama that unfolded hours before the Double Eviction.

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