President Joe Biden‘s speech was interrupted by the Easter Bunny at a White House event.

At the White House’s Easter egg roll, Biden was filmed speaking with reporters and guests while discussing Afghanistan and Pakistan when the Easter bunny ran over to wave and interrupt the talk.

Republican operatives on Twitter mocked the silly moment, suggesting Biden calculated sending in the Easter Bunny to interrupt him, who turned out to be White House press official Meghan Hays in disguise.

On Monday, the Easter event marked the return of the White House celebration of the holiday after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic. Despite the cold, drizzly weather, about 30,000 people were on hand for the event. Members of Biden’s family were present.

“It means so much to see and hear the children and all the families show up to be here today,” Biden said from the South Portico. “The joy, the laughter, and the occasional, at least with my young grandson, who’s only 2, the occasional, ‘There’s the Easter Bunny’ — a little startled sometimes.”

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