Beyoncé posted a father-daughter photo featuring her husband Jay Z and their daughter Blue Ivy amidst raging rumors of a divorce.

Beyoncé Responds To Break-Up Rumors On Instagram

In the photo, Jay Z is holding their young daughter in his arms on a sandy beach. The superstar singer captioned the photo, “My favorite hue is JayZ Blue.” And Many are taking the photo, posted on July 29, as a direct response to the rampant rumors that she and her rapper husband are heading straight for a divorce.

Beyoncé And Jay Z Headed For Divorce?

Rumors of a split, which have always plagued the superstar couple, started to gain steam following the now infamous scuffle at the Met Gala in May, when video leaked of Beyoncé’s younger sister Solange attacking Jay Z in an elevator at the Standard Hotel. Though nothing was confirmed, many reports claimed that Solange went after her brother-in-law due to his extra-marital activities.

The super couple’s “On the Run” tour has only added fuel to the fire. At a June 28 concert, Beyoncé tweaked a few lyrics to her song “Resentment,” changing the line “Been ridin’ with you for six years” to “Been ridin’ with you for 12 years” – a change that reflects her now 12-year relationship with Jay Z. Some took this as a confirmation that Jay Z had, in fact, been caught cheating on his wife, but Beyoncé never commented on the matter, instead opting to post a few family photos on Instagram, a PR habit for Beyoncé.

More recent tabloid stories about Beyoncé looking for a luxury apartment in Chelsea and the duo not speaking to each other off-stage have also come into the mix. Most likely, the stories will continue to grow in number as the end of their tour approaches – the “On the Run” will have its last show September 13.

Sources claim that Beyoncé and Jay Z will announce their split once their tour has come to an end, saying that the twosome are no longer lovers, just business partners.

“This [trouble] has been brewing longer than anyone knows. They’re performers. And they’re good performers. It’s a business now, and they are business partners. And they don’t even fight. They know what it is,” a source told New York Daily News.

While these stories continue to grow, many are still skeptical as to the validity of these rumors. After all, Beyoncé and Jay Z have a history of successfully shielding the inner workings of their relationship from the press, and Beyoncé was able to record and release an entire album with music videos without any word leaking to the press. Even if the two were going through a divorce, it’s unlikely anybody would know.

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