Beyoncé and husband Jay-Z are being sued over their 2018 song “Black Effect” by vocalist and Jamaican dancer L’Antoinette Stines

Stines is suing the couple because she claims she did not receive the proper credit or compensation for her part in the song. The papers that were filed on Tuesday in federal court state that Beyoncé and Jay-Z allegedly asked Stines for help picking dancers for a video that would be used for “promotional purposes.” They later allegedly asked her to record her views on love which would also be used to promote their tour. Stines explained that at the recording site she was handed a contract where lawyers reiterated once again that the recording was promotional. 

However, Stines reported that when she first heard “Black Effect” she was surprised to hear that her recording played for the whole first minute of the song. Stines claimed that she was not properly credited for the song which in turn did not allow her to collect royalties that come with being properly credited.  

Beyoncé and Jay-Z have yet to make a statement on the lawsuit. 

Beyoncé has been active on social media in her support of the Black Lives Matter movement, especially in the wake of George Floyd’s death, a black man that died in police custody from an officer kneeling on his neck. 

On May 29, she posted a video on Instagram demanding justice for Floyd’s death. She captioned it, “If you want to demand more charges brought on all those involved in the death of George Floyd, click the link in my bio to sign the petition.”

On June 3, she posted an image that read, “The world came together for George Floyd. We know there is a long road ahead. Lets remain aligned and focused in our call for real justice.”

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