Sarah Silverman, Rob Reiner and dozens of other celebrities took to Twitter over the weekend to celebrate Veterans’ Day, and also used the opportunity to lambaste President Donald Trump for skipping a visit to a World War I memorial in Paris to honor fallen soldiers at an American cemetery.

Trump drew widespread criticism for missing the Armistice Day ceremony because of rain, his latest act of disrespect toward the military.

“On the day we honor our veterans American patriots are sickened by a President who narcissistically turns his back on the fallen and warmly embraces an Autocrat who attacks Democracy. Our long national nightmare continues,” filmmaker Reiner tweeted.

Actress Bette Midler fired back at Trump’s comments about never being able to “forgive” his predecessor Barack Obama for not caring about the troops by not funding them enough by showing a graph comparing U.S. military spending to that of other major countries.

“What a f—ing a—hole,” Midler wrote.

Silverman called Trump a “f—ing p—y” and “too entitled to serve our country when called.” She also shared a video of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaking at the World War I ceremony in Paris.

Samuel L. Jackson also mocked the president for avoiding serving in the military in his younger years and said Trump likely stuffed himself with a popular French dish while he was in Paris.

“Prolly OD’d on Pommes Frites at the Embassy, rain makes your bone spurs act up!!” Jackson tweeted. 

Comedian Patton Oswalt mocked Trump’s inability to face inclement weather, open and umbrella and treat women with respect. Oswalt contrasted the president with Obama.

Other celebs who attacked Trump included actors Sophia Bush, Don Cheadle and Ron Perlman and comedian Chelsea Handler, who shared an Instagram photo describing the outrage people feel when NFL players kneel for the national anthem and comparing this to reactions to disrespecting veterans.


Trump’s longtime foe Rosie O’Donnell also chimed in, calling him a “disgrace” and a “cowardly liar.”

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