Justin Bieber‘s naked pictures are still the subject of amusement for legendary singer and actress Bette Midler.

Bette Midler On Justin Bieber’s Penis Pics

Midler took to Twitter Thursday to quip about the high price of Bieber’s meet and greet tickets for his Purpose tour.  “Justin Bieber’s fans upset because concert tickets w/VIP meet and greet cost $2,000. Well, remember, we all got to see his penis for free!” she tweeted.

After full-frontal nude pictures of Bieber walking around his bungalow in Bora Bora hit the Internet last month, the pop singer’s father Jeremy Bieber tweeted, “@justinbieber what do you feed that thing. #proud daddy ☺️.” Midler, in disbelief like much of Twitter that Jeremy Bieber would go there, wrote at the time, “.@justinbieber dad tweeted he’s proud of his son’s penis size. I think the biggest dick in this situation is the dad who abandoned his son.”

Bieber eventually heard about Midler’s diss, and acted as though he didn’t know who the music icon is. “This Britt Meddler. I don’t even know who that is, honestly. I wanted to immediately say, ‘Who is this lady?’ but then I’m just fueling this negativity,” Bieber told Billboard magazine, adding, “I do feel the photo was an invasion of my privacy. I felt super violated. My dad made light of it, but I don’t think that’s sick and twisted. It was funny. Dads are going to be dads.”

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