Betrayal, ABC’s new soapy infidelity-fueled drama, premiered on Sunday following the return of smash hit Revenge.

Sarah (Hannah Ware), who will soon become the agent of betrayal, is a successful artist married to an equally successful district attorney Drew (Chris Johnson). His ambition and general heir of complacency makes him somewhat unavailable to his wife. When he accompanies her to a gallery opening where some of her photos are on display, he fades into the background as she gets some air on a balcony. There, she’s eventually joined by the mysterious Jack (Stuart Townsend), who offers her a jacket while they exchange vague worldviews.

The following day, the two happen to bump into one another while Jack is on an errand to get one of her photos framed. Sarah offers to have it framed by someone she knows, and before she knows it, she’s agreeing to meet him at the train station for a chat. When she departs the rendezvous she leaves her scarf behind, so Jack waits hours for her to return to give it back to her. He then opens up to Sarah about his unhappy marriage to his boss’ daughter – a woman a few years older than him that redecorates without his approval.

Sarah ultimately agrees to a dinner date, which leads to the cheating spouses heading to a hotel room. After they begin undressing, but before they do the deed, Sarah gets a call from Drew. He’s trying to put their son to bed, but can’t find his favorite bedtime story about a dancing giraffe. The reminder of her reality causes Sarah to pump the breaks with Jack.

Jack, following his almost-tryst, learns about some family drama that could really spell some trouble for everyone involved. His father-in-law Terence Karsten (James Cromwell) informs him that his unstable son TJ may have had something to do with the murder of his own uncle – Terence’s late wife’s brother who he thinks embezzled money from his company. After hearing the news, Jack just has to see Sarah and pays her a visit at her photo studio.

At the studio, Jack gives a philosophical speech about his life and how Sarah makes it better. But, they agree that it can’t happen – as they’re both married – and say their goodbyes. Sarah can’t resist one last kiss, however, and drags him by the arm back into the studio. Finally, they give in to their chemistry and consummate their feelings with some passionate sex on a mattress in the studio.

When Sarah returns home, she’s met with an enthusiastic Drew. He just got a high-profile case prosecuting an infamously corrupt businessman. When he holds up the daily newspaper that breaks down the case to come, Sarah sees a picture of Jack. When she asks who he is, Drew informs her it’s the defense attorney/ son-in-law of the man he plans on sending to jail for a long time. “I’m gonna crucify him,” Drew says gleefully. Slinking off towards the kitchen, Sarah drops a full bottle of red wine, and then slides down the wall to meet the spilt wine on the marble floor.

Betrayal airs on ABC Sundays at 10/9c.

– Chelsea Regan

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