Bethenny Frankel took a shot at her Real Housewives of New York City co-star Luann de Lesseps on Watch What Happens Live.


Frankel accused de Lesseps of “projecting her own failed marriage” onto her co-stars by constantly claiming that her now-husband Tom D’Agostino cheats on her. “Poor Luann,” shot Frankel, “her fiancé’s projecting his penis onto other Housewives.”

The crowd gasped at that, while host Andy Cohen and guest Jeff Lewis gave nervous chuckles. “If you’re gonna take a shot, you better take a shot,” Frankel said.

After returning from a commercial break, however, Frankel had changed her tune. “I like Luann,” she started. “Literally every time we take two steps forward, we take several steps back. It already happened now this past week in promoting the show. I am genuinely happy for Luann and Tom, she is actually really happy and she’s a grown woman who makes her own decisions. And the truth is I like seeing her happy, and it’s their business whatever page they’re on. I don’t know anything about their relationship, and I shouldn’t. It’s not my business and we’re not best friends but I’m happy for her, genuinely.”

The change of heart was a welcome one, and Lewis insisted that Frankel had done the “right thing” in showing de Lesseps a photo of D’Agostino kissing another woman. Frankel then added that her own failed marriage had confused her about what a successful relationship was supposed to look like. “You’re projecting a lot of stuff,” joked Lewis.

While D’Agostino’s cheating has not been confirmed, a viewer poll on Watch What Happens Live showed that 97% think he has. A sneak peak of the new season saw de Lesseps say, “I think Sonja would like to be with Tom and that didn’t happen. Maybe Sonja feels like she missed the yacht.” Frankel added, “Luann is always walking on hot coals trying to get to the cool side.”

The season premiere of The Real Housewives of New York City aired last night, and the women are just getting back into the swing of things. New episodes air Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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