Bethenny Frankel was forced to take some time off of The Real Housewives of New York City due to her health woes, which included fibroids that may have caused a miscarriage.

Bethenny Frankel Discusses Her Health

Frankel confirmed that the reason why she had to scale back her filming commitments for Real Housewives was related to female health issues. The issues aren’t necessarily new, and likely played a part in a miscarriage she suffered a few years back.

“I suffer from a lot of female problems — cysts — and I had endometriosis,” Frankel, 45, told Good Morning America‘s Lara Spencer. “I now think — and have been told — that the fibroids probably caused my miscarriage a couple years ago. I think it’s done. I have to start menstruating again and see how that all works. I’ve lost a little bit of weight, which people have commented on, of course.”

“The bleeding was so excessive, and I was so weak and I felt like I looked so haggard and had such black circles under my eyes that I had to take care of it,” she continued. “It was part of the show and it was affecting the way I was acting during the show. When you’re iron deficient and you’ve lost so much of your blood, you just feel depleted … I just felt zoned out.”

Fortunately for Frankel, her Real Housewives costars offered her plenty of support throughout the toughest times during her ordeal.

“I’m not really good at being the patient, the victim, the weak one,” she told GMA. “It was challenging on the show, and some of the girls were really supportive. It was really amazing.”

Now that Frankel is through the worst of it, she’s recommitted herself to living a healthy lifestyle.

“Everyone thinks because I have a brand called Skinnygirl that I’m all focused on health all the time, and I’m not. I’m stressed. I’m a mom, just like anyone else,” she said. “But since the surgery, I was drinking green juices and eating more vegetarian foods and trying to just eat healing foods. I did go to school for food and healing, so I’ve tried to really exercise that. I think that’s why the recovery’s been more quick than my doctors said.”

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