The Berlin Zoo on Monday finally revealed the names and gender of their famous twin pandas who were born in August: they are both boys, and their names are Meng Xiang and Meng Yuan.

The cubs, which each weigh 13.2 pounds, are the first giant pandas born in Germany and their names mean “desired dream” and “fulfilled dream.” In following with Chinese tradition, the twins were officially named 100 days after they were bon in Berlin.

The naming process for the pandas proved to be controversial. A poll conducted by a German newspaper showed most participants favored the names Hong and Kong, a strong indication of public support of the ongoing protests in Hong Kong.


The cubs’ names were displayed on wooden signs in both Chinese and German. Chinese Ambassador Wu Ken and Berlin Mayor Michael Muller both attended the naming ceremony. The pandas were shown to the press for the very first time in a open glass container and were attended to by zookeepers at first. However, they can now feed themselves, according to SFGate.

The cubs’ mother, Meng Meng, reportedly arrived in Germany from China — along with the youngsters’ father Jiao Qing — in 2017. All of the pandas at the Berlin Zoo are reportedly on loan from China at an annual cost of roughly $1 million for the adults. The grown pandas are expected to be reinvested in China’s breeding program.

Meng Xiang and Meng Yuan will be presented to the public at the start of next year after they can walk by themselves. Pandas are an increasingly endangered species: fewer than 2,000 are are believed to still be alive.