Oxford University has appointed British actors Emma Watson and Benedict Cumberbatch visiting fellows at Lady Margaret Hall.

Emma Watson, Benedict Cumberbatch

Watson, 25, and Cumberbatch, 39, were two of 11 individuals named Oxford fellows, reported The Independent. The appointments, which were given to esteemed people in a number of different fields, were confirmed by Alan Rudbridger, the principal at Lady Margaret Hall.

“They are people drawn from a variety of backgrounds, callings and professions and we want them to form a bridge between our own academic community and the worlds they inhabit and represent,” Rusbridger said of the appointees. “At a minimum we would like them to drop in occasionally at college, eat with us and meet informally with a variety of the LMH community.”

“We would like them to do one thing a bit more structured. It could be a conversation or debate, a performance, a lecture or seminar, a form of outreach – or something we haven’t thought of,” Rudbridger added. “We can imagine fascinating interactions or collaborations between them.”

Incidentally, Watson studied at Oxford University’s Worcester College in 2011 in between stints at Brown University, the Rhode Island ivy league school from where she graduated with a degree in English Literature in 2014. Cumberbatch, meanwhile, had studied Drama at the University of Manchester before pursing an MA in Classical Acting from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

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