A Current Affair reporter Ben McCormack has been charged with sending child pornography using a carriage service. The senior Nine Network journalist allegedly had “sexually explicit conversations” about children and discussed child porn with another man. He has since been suspended by the network.

Ben McCormack Arrested For Child Pornography

McCormack often used gay dating app Grindr to look for “young-looking” men of legal age to date, a former colleague divulged.

The Australian reporter was pulled over by police in Moore Park at 7:30 a.m. last Thursday, while on his way to work. McCormack is seen standing by the side of the road while police searched his Mazda Sedan and bags. He was then led to the back seat of the police car, and taken to a Sydney police station, where he was charged with using a carriage service to send child pornography.

He was given strict conditional bail, and will face the Downing Centre Local Court on May 1. If convicted, he’s looking at upwards of 15 years in jail.

Shortly after the arrest, search warrants were conducted in A Current Affair‘s office in Willoughby. Computers, a mobile phone, and electronic storage devices were taken in.

As the veteran reporter left Redfern police station with his lawyer Sam Macedone, he said nothing. Macedone regularly appears on A Current Affair.

Last week’s episode of ACA was forced to address McCormack’s charges and arrest.

Leila McKinnon, the stand-in host, informed viewers that the program will “cover the story without fear or favor.”

“Here at A Current Affair, we’ve always given it to you straight and told it like it is, so let’s get into it,” McKinnon declared. “Tonight, one of our most senior reporters is facing serious charges involving child pornography offences.”

‘Ben McCormack, a 25-year veteran of the Nine Network was arrested today and charged by New South Wales Police with using a carriage service for child pornography material,” McKinnon continued.

“And while justice must take its course, and given the serious nature of the allegations, Nine has taken a strong position and immediately suspended Ben McCormack,’ she added.

“We stress these charges relate to Ben McCormack’s alleged personal conduct and in no way reflect his behaviour within A Current Affair or the Nine Network,” she concluded.

McCormack’s arrest, which occurred while his boss was overseas, shocked Australia’s media industry.

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