After the star studded Oscars on Sunday night, Jimmy Kimmel invited guest Ben Affleck onto his late night show and Affleck looked like he had been packing on the pounds.

But it wasn’t pounds Affleck had hidden under his jacket, it was fellow actor, Matt Damon.

After Damon takes a seat in the “not guest chair,” Kimmel told Damon that “nobody wants you here ” but his audience seemed to enjoy the appearance of the actor.

“I feel like Dorothy,” said Damon sitting in the other guest chair alongside Affleck, “this is wonderful.”

The ongoing feud between actor and comedian started when Kimmel hilariously kept cutting off Damon’s appearances on different occasions. Damon also had his fair share of quips back to the comedian.

“There was not a plus one on your invitation to be here tonight,” said Kimmel to Affleck.

After trying desperately to keep his friend on the show, Kimmel had him wheeled out within minutes of appearing under Affleck’s coat.

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