Ben Affleck’s penis makes an appearance in Gone Girl, according to the actor himself, and Neil Patrick Harris goes full-frontal in the film as well.

Ben Affleck: 'The Penis Is In There!'

David Fincher’s Gone Girl has been a must-see movie of the fall for months, likely ever since it was announced that Gillian Flynn's bestseller would be turned into a feature film. In the week leading up to the film’s official debut, Affleck admitted that he strips down in the film – making the film an even bigger media sensation.

“The penis is in there!” Affleck told MTV. “It’s IMAX penis. … You should know it was very cold. A very cold set.”

The scene in question is towards the end of the thriller in which Affleck’s character Nick Dunne takes a shower. Affleck’s penis is only visible for a very short period of time, but those who’ve seen the movie have offered detailed accounts of how best to spot it and evaluations of Affleck’s manhood.

It was recently revealed that Affleck is not the only male castmember in Gone Girl to put everything on display in the film. Harris, who plays Desi, the ex-boyfriend of Nick’s wife, supposedly also let his penis make a cameo in the movie. When contacted about it, a rep for Fox said the studio “cannot confirm or deny” to Buzzfeed.

Female Gone Girl stars Rosamund Pike and Emily Ratajkowski also apparently get naked in Fincher’s film, which is currently in wide release.

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