Dunkin’s Donuts debuted their first Super Bowl commercial on Sunday night with the help of their number one celebrity customer, Ben Affleck, and his wife, Jennifer Lopez.

Having been photographed countless times carrying Dunkin’ drinks and products into his home, it is no secret that Affleck is a regular at America’s largest donut chain. He took that a step further when he suggested directing and filming himself working at a Dunkin’ drive-through in Medford, Massachusetts.

The two-time Academy Award winner is seen welcoming customers, taking orders and even taking selfies, while maintaining a strong Boston accent.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, the Boston native revealed that while most customers were shocked and confused by his presence at the drive-through, they also had “some rather coarse and agitated people who were willing to voice their displeasure in a colorful way.”

Lopez makes a cameo at the end of the commercial, in which she is filmed asking her husband “this is what you do when you say you’re going to work all day?” before asking him to “grab me a glaze.”

According to Dunkin’ Chief Marketing Officer Jill McVicar Nelson, it was only after seeing Affleck’s performance and customer reactions in the drive-through stunt that they decided to purchase a slot in the national Super Bowl ads.

“We thought, who better to represent [our menu] than the ultimate Dunkin’ runner, Ben Affleck?” said Nelson told the Journal.

Affleck has encouraged Dunkin’ to feature scenes that did not make it into the 30-second cut on their social media channels.

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