Bella Thorne, Bella Hadid and Gregg Sulkin were all on a plane headed from JFK to London on Saturday when the pilot made a miscalculation, causing one of the wings to clip a fence.


Thorne was not too pleased with Virgin Airlines’ inability to transfer her to another plane after the one she was on had to be evacuated after it hit a wall. “So virgin gets into an accident and leaves us stranded at the airport for 14 hours with no where to rest and no other options for flight,” Thorne tweeted.

Another passenger tweeted photos of the incident, as well as a video where you can see the damaged wingtip.

Bella Hadid who also tweeted about the incident, although slightly less disgruntled about the situation, stating that “my plane just hit a wall.”

Afterwards, Virgin Airlines tweeted an apology to Thorne, explaining that it was an unfortunate event.

Still not pleased with her treatment, Thorne replied, saying that she understood accidents happen, but couldn’t understand why they wouldn’t transfer her to a different flight so she could get on her way. Eventually, she, Hadid and Sulkin were able to book a flight to London via Delta Airlines.

Virgin Airlines issued a statement regarding the incident:

The VS26 departing from JFK to London Heathrow today returned to the gate after a miscalculation by the tug caused minor damage to one of its wing tips. All customers have disembarked the aircraft and our teams are working hard to get our customers on their way as soon as possible. Safety is our number-one priority and we would like to apologize for the delay and any inconvenience caused.

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